Kryds og Bolle


About us:

XO is a theater group from Denmark consisting of Daniel Deutsch, Jeppe Christoffersen, Kim von Bülow and Søren Wichmann. They are all seasoned veterans of the stage whether it be acting, coaching, lecturing or teaching. Three of the guys are from the now defunct improvisational theater group “No No But” which existed for more than 30 years.

Currently XO are developing a new format which exists where traditional theater borders with the improvisational theater. The show is titled FourPlay (The Walking Man; The Surviving Man – The Searching Man; The Angry Man) and is having its trial run in the autumn of 2018. The show will then launch in a larger format in the spring of 2019 in Copenhagen.

Thereby XO will present an entirely new concept within improvised theater! – The ambition is to create interconnected stories with both relevance, meaning and fun. In a continued close corporation with the audience XO will create stories which reflects on the transitions of life, the effect of sinfulness and on the mental perception of life. – A fundamentally fun and entertaining show with an oddly sharp edge.

The show will consist of four acts:

The Walking Man: A man is about to retire from a profession. The audience decides which company/shop/job etc. it is that he is retiring from. The Walking Man now takes the audience on a journey of the last day of his professional life. The other three guys will act out three scenes inspired by this last day on the job. These scenes are all improvised. The Walking Man will tie them all together as the journey continues and finally concludes.

This concept plays out in the other three acts but with significant differences:

The Surviving Man: A man who is an expert on survivalism – a prepper – gives advice on how to survive threats, attacks such as from zombies, tomatoes, climate change, bees etc. The audience decides what threat it is.

The Searching Man: A self-taught mental health expert milks the audience for information regarding their sexual life and/or the lack of.

The Angry Man: A quite angry fellow informs the audience as to what makes him angry, yet it is only after the audience have told him what he is angry about.

Practically: There are four actors and four acts which will run for approximately 90 minutes with one intermission between the second and third acts. The show can be shortened to 3, 2 or even 1 act. So, it can be downsized from 90 minutes to around 15/20 minutes. The show will be performed in English!